Memory Monday, Week 58


Fishing boats in Fort Bragg’s Noyo Harbor

1971 — These will be my last bunch of regular family slides before returning to Mexico Monday next week, and they include some views from around the charming coastal town of Fort Bragg, California — not to be confused with Fort Bragg in North Carolina, although both carry the name of Confederate General Braxton Bragg.


California’s Fort Bragg, in beautiful Mendocino County, was established prior to the American Civil War in 1857 (before General Bragg joined the Confederacy). Once the military abandoned the location in 1867, the area was opened to settlers and the town quickly grew thanks to the lumber, fishing, and later tourist industries.


I can’t actually tell you where any of these pictures were taken except for the one at the top of my post. My memories of trips to Fort Bragg are vague but happy ones — like eating dinner at the historic Piedmont Hotel (which sadly burned down in 1987); exploring colorful Glass Beach; and celebrating both my birthday and my parents’ anniversary near the end of May by watching the Indianapolis 500 on our motel room’s TV set.


Watching with my mom and sister as the jet prepares to leave

A couple of months later, we were much closer to home at the brand spanking new Sacramento Metropolitan Airport (which has now evolved into Sac International), waving goodbye to my eldest sister on her way to Mexico to join Frank Gonzales and his team.

It’s astounding to recall that back in the 1970s visitors to our airport were allowed out on the tarmac, standing only a short distance away from the roaring jet planes (and I can still remember clamping my hands to my ears and cringing at the noise) as we watched our loved ones board the airliner and fly away.



And away she goes!

Well, that’s it! Next Monday I’ll resume with the newly discovered Mexico slides (picking up where I left off in November 2016) on Mexico Monday, Week 19. See you then!


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