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I’ve previously posted in my Memory Monday series about my family’s visits to Patrick’s Point, the location of Agate Beach; and this past Monday I mentioned Glass Beach, found in Fort Bragg. In this episode of California’s Gold, Huell Houser sets out to explore both of these spots, and with a bit of help from all the beachcombing tourists and locals he meets along the way, he’ll give you a much better idea of how wonderful they are than I ever could.

Agate Beach, Patrick's Point

Agate Beach, 1962

There are two beaches in California that are a treasure hunters paradise. The constant pounding of the Pacific has created some real “gems”. It’s a north coast adventure you don’t want to miss. First Huell travels to the small coastal town of Fort Bragg to visit what the locals call “Glass Beach”. Imagine a kaleidoscope of colored glass glittering in the Pacific surf: azure, scarlet, mauve, amber, amethyst and teal. Originally the city dump was on the edge of this beach and over the years, the waves have polished broken bottles and china into some real gems. The dump closed in the 20s, but its remnants continue to bring people in search of a fun day of beach combing.

Next Huell travels even farther north to Patricks Point State Park, which is twenty-five miles north of Eureka. The highlight of the park is a gently curving strip of sand named “Agate Beach”. Mother Nature has polished semi-precious agates into beautiful little gems on this aptly named beach. It’s another great place to spend a day.

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