Morning rendezvous


Now and then, if I’m out early enough, I might encounter a doe (or maybe three) in the brushy parkland around Lake Natoma. But it’s a very rare treat for me to spot a buck, and especially one as close as the one I saw yesterday morning around 6 a.m. This early in the summer, his impressive rack is still very much in velvet.


After getting a good look at me, he strolled into the bushes out of sight; but he wasn’t alone, and he must have said something to his companion — because a moment later, a doe poked her head around the leafy trees and gazed curiously in my direction. Then, wanting a better look, she came all the way out of hiding and we spent several minutes eyeing each other.


She was still standing there watching me as I continued on down the trail — it’s pretty difficult to win a staring contest with a curious doe!


Just for fun, here’s a short video I found while googling “curious deer.”

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