Memory Monday, Week 81


This week I’m wrapping up my series of Korean War photos; I know a lot of you have been enjoying it, and I very much appreciate all your likes and shares. I think my final group of photos really encapsulates what my dad’s experience at Johnson Air Base was like. As before, I’ve put double quotes around any explanatory notes written on the back of the photos.


“Tokyo skyline taken from roof of Diet Bldg”


“Irumagawa — the road to the railroad station”


Dad at the bath house


Dad (left) with a buddy


“Lt. John Fred Boener is helped into his chute by Crew Chief Gordon Duncan. Lt. Boener was killed two days later when his plane went down in flames”

Next week I’ll share the final images from this photo album — a few vintage black-and-white post cards showing Northern California scenery. See you then!

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