Memory Monday, Week 86


Star of India, San Diego

This week I’m sharing a few more pictures from visits to San Diego in the early 1980s. I had (and still have) a serious fascination with historic sailing ships, so visiting the full-rigged ship Star of India at the Maritime Museum of San Diego was a serious thrill.


Another popular tourist spot was the Point Loma Lighthouse; it’s definitely photogenic, as even with my inconsistent photo skills I managed to capture some pretty decent images — including one of my niece wearing her favorite sweater. It was handknit by my mom, who appears in the photos wearing a blue hooded sweatshirt.


Posing for Grandma at Point Loma Lighthouse

Next week, I’m going to wrap up Memory Monday for awhile with a collection of miscellaneous images. I’m working on a new — hopefully interesting — idea for my future Monday posts. Thanks for reading!


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