Memory Monday, Week 89


Mom and her Volkswagen Type 3 (“Fastback”) in our driveway

This week, a few more random images from my collection of family photos. Most of these date to the early 1980s, although I believe the black and white Polaroid shot of my dad (below) is from the late 1960s or early 1970s.



Mom on the swings at Montview Park, Fair Oaks


In the kitchen with Mom, around 1984

Two slightly interesting things about the photo below — Mom’s tee shirt reads, “London, Paris, Rome, Leavenworth.” And if you notice a big orange thing in the background by my head, that’s actually a rooster piñata hanging from the ceiling. The body was formed by a big pottery jar, and let me tell you, that thing was heavy. I’m not sure whatever happened to that rooster. Mom, any ideas?? (Not that I would want the silly thing.)


My aunt, with Mom and me


I love this photo of my dad with his sister, taken in our front yard

I still have a few miscellaneous family pictures, but next week I’ll focus on memories of some of the many wonderful animal friends we’ve known over the years.

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