Black panther

In my neighborhood it’s not unusual to see cats wandering around — but when I opened my front door this morning I really wasn’t expecting to find a cat standing there waiting for me! The Big Guy, who is not a cat person, fumes when he find their little paw prints all over our cars and gets seriously steamed if he catches sight of a cat in our back yard. I’m pretty sure this kitty lives somewhere nearby, and I’ve covertly petted her a few times but nothing more than that, I swear!

She definitely has quite a lot to say and a clear idea of what she wants. I mean, sure, I’ll pet you and talk to you for a few minutes, but then it’s time to say goodbye. Standing by my front door yowling for ten minutes demanding that I come back out and keep you company isn’t exactly playing it cool — and neither is yowling for another ten minutes at my back door.

I think this little black panther is stalking me!

Waiting for me to open the front door

“Okay, I’m waiting — open that door!”

“What do you mean you’re not going to open the door for me?”

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