The Adventure Continues… Clear Lake

Soda Bay, 2015

I’ve visited a number of diverse places in and around Clear Lake, but Anderson Marsh State Park is still on my wish list. The lake has so many layers of history, as well as scenic beauty — and the Big Guy loves it for the bass fishing! In this episode of California’s Gold, Huell starts with pre-gold rush history at Anderson Marsh and winds up admiring Mt. Konocti and the not-so-clear waters of Clear Lake, bubbling with geologic history. Pretty good for a lake that shouldn’t actually exist!

Clear Lake is located at the base of fabled Mt. Konocti and is California’s largest natural lake. Much of the terrain around the 4200 foot Mt. Konocti was formed by lava flows and folding of the earth’s crust. The lake has a rich history; evidence of human habitation dates back at least ten thousand years. More than 120,000 visitors each year enjoy picnicking, boating, camping and nature walks.

View of Mt Konocti from Clear Lake State Park, 2014

(Click on the linked image below to see the video.)

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