Memory Monday, Week 110

The Big Guy and our two dogs with a discovery at New York Creek

Shore fishing at Folsom Lake, 1988 — I’ve pretty nearly run through my collections of old slides and prints that I’ve been using in this Monday series, which is a shame because I’ve really enjoyed looking back. I’m still playing with the idea of re-scanning some of the earlier slides and sharing them again in their improved condition. Or maybe I should just move on and let Memory Monday become… well, a memory! If you have a preference, feel free to let me know.

Purple lupine at New York Creek, April 1988

In the meantime, I pulled out these prints from the late 1980s when we used to spend a lot of time hiking the shores of Folsom Lake to camp or just to spend a day fishing. Nowadays, our fishing trips to the lake are done by bass boat, but I’ll never forget the Big Guy introducing me to some of his favorite more isolated spots along the shore. Some of them can be easily found on a map — Peninsula Campground, New York Creek, Mormon Island — but others (Tightwad Hill, Pup Cove, The Mansion) had special names bestowed upon them by the Big Guy and his fishing buddies.

Our old tent at Pensinsula Campground

Low water levels don’t bother shore fishermen!

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