Macro Monday, Week 2

Here are a few more macro shots of my coin collection; with the exception of the US penny, above, they all date from the 1950s or before. I included the penny because I had never seen one depicting Abraham Lincoln sitting on a log, reading a book, until I ran across it the other day — I think it makes a very nice change from the standard Lincoln profile.

My last two coins are not currency but rather pieces of bygone history. I have a handful of very worn and faded coins stamped “Missouri Sales Tax Receipt.” They seem to date from the 1930s and aren’t particularly rare. I’m not sure what they are actually worth these days, but mine are in pretty poor condition.

Finally, I have a PG&E token from the days when Sacramento still ran streetcars. I’m not sure of the exact vintage of this token or what it might be worth, but I think it’s a great souvenir of a time when it was much easier to get around Sacramento without driving a car!

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