I encountered this little guy one morning as I was hiking along Slate Bar in Folsom; he sat frozen in the same posture for so long I was beginning to half wonder if someone had lost their chocolate Easter bunny. I camera stalked him for nearly 30 minutes, taking one verrrrry slow step at a time while shooting almost continuously.

When he did move, he didn’t go too far. He seemed to be enjoying the warmth of the morning sun and unwilling to surrender his prime spot. Even while he was sitting there, I kept noticing another rabbit further up the trail hopping around, disappearing and then reappearing. It was much too far away for me to get a sharp photo, but you can see a quick flash of its cottontail in the background of the image below:

After half an hour and about 60 exposures, I finally managed to get my best shot:

Just look at that little baby face!

I was also slightly concerned about this silly rabbit sitting out in the open for so long, clearly visible to any raptor that might happen by (and yes, there’s a pair of bald eagles feeding a hungry family only a couple of miles downstream). I didn’t exactly shoo him away, but I told him it was time we were both moving along, and he must have decided I was right because he hopped into the tall weeds just to the right of the trail. He still wasn’t quite as invisible as he thought he was, but oh well.

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