The Adventure Continues… Barn Photographer

This small barn on the Anderson Marsh SHP dates from the 1920s

Since last week I shared the Forest Photographer episode, I thought I may as well follow up this week with a Barn Photographer, again from the Visiting series.  From watching TV with the Big Guy, I’ve learned about “barn finds” — rare, vintage cars buried under years of dust and often forgotten, just waiting to be re-discovered and brought back to their former glory. Huell doesn’t find any classic cars, but he certainly finds some good stories and more than a few fragments of history. I can’t tell you when this episode was aired, but I’m willing to bet many of these wonderful old Ventura County barns no longer exist, thanks to age, environmental factors, and land development.

Huell visits four rustic barns in Ventura with a photographer who holds the distinction of documenting all of the quickly-disappearing barns in Ventura on film.

(Click on the linked image below to see the video.)

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