Memory Monday slide redux, Week 11

Visiting “Grandma Pat” at Leisure World in Seal Beach

As I go through my collection of family slides (again), I can’t help but wonder how each image wound up where it sits in the various slide carousels. Why do some of them have handwritten notes while most have nothing to hint at when and where they were shot? And why are they so wildly out of order? I’ll probably never know the answers. My images this week were all produced in the 1970s — except for the one above, which I’d date somewhere around 1968 or 1969 — and I’ve tried to put them in roughly chronological order.

Visiting my aunt and uncle in San Pablo, Christmas 1970

Late 1970 or early 1971, before I cut my hair short for the first time

Mom with Wendy, early 1971

The last group of slides were developed in January 1974.

Christmas at home, December 1973


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