The Adventure Continues… Wooden Boats

I didn’t realize until I started to write this week’s post that Lake Tahoe’s annual Concours d’Elegance took place just last weekend, August 9th and 10th. 2019 was their 47th year, and they’re still going strong. I’ve never attended this event but I feel just a tiny bit of connection to the world of wooden boats — when I first met the Big Guy, his college roommate owned a beautiful wooden Tolleycraft runabout, and he stored it in the garage of the house where we still live. Okay, I did say it was a tiny connection! This is a fun episode and I hope it will help cool you off just a bit if you’re stuck in the middle of the latest summer heatwave.

They come in all shapes and sizes and many date back to the early part of this century. All have been lovingly restored by their owners and are meticulously maintained. In short, they’re some of the most beautiful wooden boats ever made.

Host Huell Howser gets a close look at these boats as he attends the 24th annual Concours d’ Elegance which is dedicated to the preservation and celebration of the wooden boats that have graced Lake Tahoe since the 1920s. He not only talks with the owners about the rich history of their individual boats, but goes out on the clear waters of Lake Tahoe for a ride on some of the fastest boats.

(Click on the linked image below to see the video.)

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