Memory Monday slides redux, Week 21

Wendy 1953; Grandma’s house

Last week’s photos all dated from the late 1950s, and I was preparing to move on to slides from much later — but then I discovered I have quite a few images from 1953. So I’m going further back in time, grouping them together as much as possible to tell my family stories.

I’d really love to know the make and model of the vehicles in my Grandpa’s two-car garage —  one is clearly a Plymouth, but what’s that on the left? The BMC pedal car most likely dates from 1952.

The next series of photos from 1953 show the front yard of my Grandma and Grandpa’s house. That small pine tree my sister is standing next to lived for many years and grew to be a giant.

Our Great-Grandpa Smith is standing in the background

The open fields in the background would soon give way to a street full of houses

More vintage cars in the background!

Another day at Grandma’s house

Next week, I’ll finish up 1953 and move on, with different places and some other family members.


    • I’m so lucky to have these precious images! And according to my mom, the car I was wondering about in the garage is a 1940 Nash.

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