Memory Monday slides redux, Week 29

Lincoln Highway, Wyoming

About a month ago I described what you could expect to see from my family slides in the next few weeks:

… I’m briefly returning to boxed slides from 1957 — this week to Washington, D.C., and later to Chicago, Iowa, and San Diego, California.

Did I say San Diego? Well, the box is labeled “San Diego 1959” — but guess what, the slides I originally thought were from Southern California turned out, in fact, to be scenes from Chicago! As a result, this week my last four images from that 1957 road trip are going to segue into a couple of family photos from the early 1960s.

Iowa, March 1957

I originally shared these photos back in December 2017. In March 1957, heading home from the East Coast and driving the black and white Plymouth Belvedere, my parents found themselves briefly snowed in at Des Moines, Iowa. The rest of the journey took them through Wyoming, Utah, and Nevada before they finally arrived back in California.

Salt flats in Utah

Wasatch Mountains, Utah

My cousin Bill, around 1962 or 1963, with a toy tractor and trailer I still remember playing with

To wrap up this week, I have a couple of family group photos with my cousins, uncles, my aunt and grandparents on my mom’s side of the family. My sisters are on the bottom right of the photo; the top of my cousin Cathy’s head is only just visible in the right front of the group. My mom is in the center, holding me. I love the small differences between the two images, one shot right after the other in early 1962.


    • They truly are. A few of the family members pictured are no longer with us, making the old photos that much more meaningful. 😊


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