A look back: San Francisco 2016

View towards Twin Peaks from the Friend Gate

Thus far this year I’ve been doing an extremely poor job at getting outside and shooting — well, anything at all. I suppose it was probably similar in January 2019, but lately I just have the strong desire to burrow into a nice warm bed and stay there until spring! To help remind myself (and you, as well) that warm weather will be returning before too much longer, I thought I would go back through my collection of images from a trip to San Francisco’s Strybing Arboretum and Botanical Garden (you can see a map here) in August 2016. Although the temperature was a bit cool that day, it was just right for exploring this beautiful garden! I have plenty more of these to share over the coming weeks; next time, scenes from the Moon-viewing Garden.

Bridge at the Wildfowl Pond

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