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Huell manages to pack quite a lot into this 30-minute episode of California’s Gold from 2007. I especially enjoyed his visit to the Foresthill Bridge, not too far down the road from where I live. The nonexistent Auburn Dam is still a hot topic of debate, even decades after construction was stopped. Around the time that this episode first aired, California’s Bureau of Reclamation began restoration of the river along the stretch that they had once planned to flood — thus preserving a small bit of paradise for hikers, kayakers, not to mention wildlife, that was nearly lost forever.

Huell visits the Monterey Customs House State Historic Park, discovers the tallest bridge in California, and checks out the town of Cool — all unplanned adventures.

At one time, the Custom House presided over Mexico’s primary port of entry on the Alta, CA coast. It was here that Commodore Jon Drake Sloat raised the American flag in July of 1846, claiming over 600,000 square miles of territory for the US. This territory later was included in all or portions of the states of Utah, Colorado, Arizona, California and New Mexico. This building is recognized as the oldest government building in California and it is State Historic landmark #1. Wander through this adobe building and find it as it looked in the 1840’s. Try guessing to what purpose the items on display were used for. Is Sebastian the parrot real? Gaze out from the upper room where custom agents and soldiers once stayed. Watch for ships arriving from sea, much as the custom’s officials did over 150 years ago.

Next, Huell stumbles upon the tallest bridge in California. Located on Foresthill Road in Placer County near historic Hwy 49, The Foresthill Bridge was built to span a lake that never arrived from the damming of the American River in Auburn, CA. And then Huell wanders right into Cool, California, and enjoys a visit to the local beauty salon and meets the mayor!

Foresthill Bridge in February 2001

(Click on the linked image below to see the video.)

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