Memory Monday slides redux, Week 39

May 1976 — My last group of slides featuring Leavenworth, Washington, include some views of the area around Front Street and the Waterfront Park along the Wenatchee River. When I originally shared these images back in April 2017, I wrote about some of the history of Leavenworth’s transition from a dying former railroad town to a tourist mecca; but it’s interesting to see how the Bavarian- influenced buildings on Front Street have continued to evolve over the years.

Formerly Hotel Edelweis, this building now houses The Loft

Compare two foreground buildings in this 1976 view with those in my 1996 photo, below…

Front Street in October 1996

Waterfront Park

Quiet bend in the river

Scuba diving practice

I previously wrote about the major role played by the Burlington Northern (formerly Great Northern) in Leavenworth’s changing fortunes, going all the way back to the early 1890s. The trains still run through Leavenworth, but these days their economic impact isn’t nearly the major factor it once was.

Cascade Heliport, Cashmere, in 1976

If you’ve ever tasted the sweet treat known as Aplets or Cotlets, you may already know they are a product of Liberty Orchards, based in the small town of Cashmere, just up the road from Leavenworth. Liberty Orchards has a wonderful history in the area — but as a kid I remember my parents raving about dining at The Coachman Inn. Sadly, I never had the chance to eat there… although it was apparently a big favorite of the Cashmere Rotary Club (thanks, Google!).

Next week, we’re off on a family roadtrip through Oregon and Washington in the Summer of 1978. See you then!

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