Mexico Monday redux, Week 7

I shot this photo of Jenny, from Bristol, England, in July 1972 at the TraveLodge in El Paso, Texas

My slides this week date from 1972 and ’73, although unfortunately I can’t offer much more information about them. I think I mentioned before that Frank Gonzales had the women wear a different color of dress each year — one year bright orange, one year bright green, and so on — and it would be so great to have a list connecting each year with its color! I do believe the pale pink dresses appeared around 1974, a year that my dad made the trip to Mexico on his own.

This photo looks so much better than the first time I shared it in February 2018!

It was safer to drink soda than tap water, so we consumed plenty of Coke, Pepsi, Fanta, and Squirt

Getting ready to enter a prison

For more casual occasions, it was fine to wear a mix of colors

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