Family bonds

The “bulldogs” planted in their favorite winter spot — right in fromt of the gas wall heater

More dog memories… We probably should have seen it coming, but we were still surprised when we wound up with a house full of puppies in July 1995. Gabby was a great mother, but feeding ten very hungry little mouths took a lot out of her; you can see that her coat wasn’t looking too good in this photo:

Their puppy teeth came in very quickly, and they were already devouring kibble while they continued to nurse. I’m sure Gabby was relieved when she finally managed to wean them!

Buster was a very patient dad and was always eager to help the puppies

One day before the pups got big enough to spend their time in the back yard they somehow managed to wander into the bedroom, and several of them discovered the luxury of sprawling on a waterbed. I’m pretty sure they were disappointed when we gently but firmly ejected them. Twelve dogs on a waterbed wouldn’t leave much room for anyone else!

Buster and Pinkie relaxing on their “dog bed” — an old mattress and box spring combination

Once we were down to three dogs (all but one of the puppies having gone to good homes) things settled down a bit; but despite having their own bed, these characters still preferred the waterbed!

Cooling off in the back yard, July 1997; Buster has a leaf in his mouth

Our regular spot at Lake Natoma

Buster and Pinkie swim while Gabby stays on the shore and barks at them

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