Mexico Monday redux, Week 17

Horse-drawn carriages wait outside the Mercado, Guadalajara

I confess that not all this week’s images are from Mexico, so it’s a bit of a mixture of Mexico Monday and Memory Monday — but they are the last of the slides grouped together in small boxes, so I present them here today. I’ll start off with pictures from a holiday trip I took with my mom and dad during December 1973, just for the pleasure of traveling in Mexico and doing some tourist-type stuff we had never had time for during the summer.

I’m wearing an embroidered blouse bought in the pretty coastal town of San Blas, north of Puerto Vallarta

Small but comfy Hotel Del Sol where we stayed in Guadalajara

Coming home to California from the warm December weather in Mexico, we ran into snow on Interstate 5 in the Tehachapi Mountains north of L.A. You may notice the white peaks in the background; some people are out of their cars, waiting for the messy road to clear. This was shot near Hughes Lake Road at Castaic.

Safely back home in time for Christmas

Our Silky roosters in the back yard, circa 1974

And finally — I’m not sure how this last slide ended up in the box with these others; it dates from our July 1978 vacation to British Columbia. On our return trip south, we stopped for a few hours in Olympia, Washington, for a tour of the state capitol building. I don’t recall even seeing the nearby Supreme Court building and there’s no mention of it in my vacation log, but apparently my dad took a picture.

Temple of Justice, Washington State Capitol

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