Hidden memories

I’ve been out to Sacramento Bar on the American River quite a few times; but it wasn’t until this morning as I wandered along the maze of dirt trails that I just happened to catch a glimpse of this memorial sign in the shape of a flower. It was nearly hidden from view among the piles of dredger tailings and overgrown weeds, and I had to backtrack and climb carefully over loose boulders and through star thistle to get close enough to read it.

BAER — Briana Jean, Age 9, Keith Alan, Age 7

Died at this spot Oct 21 1973 in a Lone Star Industries Gravel Mineing [sic] Landslide

I can’t recall hearing about this tragic event at the time it occurred, and even now I can’t help wondering about the details. But even though the sign is tucked away in a spot that’s nearly invisible to people like me using these trails for exercise, it seems very clear that it has not been forgotten by those who must still feel the loss very deeply.


  1. I also wandered upon this and managed to get close enough to read it.. I have searched the internet but can’t find any details about this incident. If anyone has any details I would like to know more about what happened to these children.

  2. I wonder if any relation to the family Baer family of the area. Max Baer was the heavyweight champion of the world 1935

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