Memory Monday, Week 116

August 2000 — That big smile on my mom’s face is because she was about to board Amtrak’s California Zephyr and travel to Iowa for a visit with her long-lost brother and his family. Like me, she loves riding the train, and she had something really special to look forward to at the other end of the track!

Mom with Julie

I was carrying one of Mom’s suitcases for her as we walked toward the train. As she was boarding, I stepped up behind her to stow her bag away — and the next thing I knew, the conductor was closing the door behind me! As much as I would have loved to stay on the train, I had to tell him to open the door and let me get off.

Closing the door

Mom returns home

Mom went back for another visit to Iowa the following year, in October 2001; my sister and I were at the station in Roseville to see her off, and this time I filmed her departure with my camcorder.

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