Sweetwater diversion

With the Folsom Lake water levels so low at this time of year, it’s not uncommon to see more old structures appearing along the shore. At Sweetwater Creek the difference between now and my previous visit last spring is pretty dramatic.

May 2020

I was pleased to find evidence of historic water diversion during my hike, but it was also fun comparing my previous photos after I came back home. I wasn’t trying to shoot from the same spots as before, but I wasn’t all that far off.

Spring; notice the hill slanting up to the right and two small trees on the south (far) bank

Autumn; the same hill and trees are visible in the background (center)

Spring; the view downstream toward Folsom Lake and distant foothills

Autumn; looking downstream toward the same hills

Spring; looking south, notice the large house on the hill and the oak trees

Autumn; The same house and trees in the distance

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