Memory Monday, Week 124

Greeted by a smiling docent

June 1979 — Back in August 2017 (beginning with Memory Monday, Week 39) I shared the photos I took during my family’s 1979 road trip through Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia, Canada. But missing from my collection were any images from our visit to Vancouver, B.C. — so I’m very happy that my mom recently discovered these photos that she took on the trip.

The site we knew as Heritage Village, located within Deer Lake Park, was established in 1971; in 1984 the name was changed to Burnaby Village, in honor of Robert Burnaby, “a British Columbia pioneer of 1858 who had an outstanding career for 13 years during the Colony’s formative years” [quote from the Heritage Village Museum handout]. In 1978, the entry fee was a mere $1 (Canadian, of course!) for each adult.

One-room schoolhouse of the 1890s; it has since been relocated and remodeled

Church building

Log cabin

Inside the general store

Gravity-feed gas pump and Model T Ford at the 1925 era garage

A restored 1912 B.C. Electric Railway interurban tram

Next week, more Vancouver-area sights, with a visit to the Capilano Suspension Bridge!

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