Memory Monday, Week 129

Mt. Shasta hiding behind clouds in the left background

I was going to start off this week with pictures from the early 1980s but decided instead to go further back in time — to the 1950s! I’m not sure how this particular group of images relate to each other, but they were in a bunch and are from about the same time frame. I’ve never visited Shasta Dam, but these photos made me curious to know more about it. Construction on the dam finished up in 1945 (ten years before Folsom Dam), and because of the heavy demand for men to go off and fight World War 2, a lot of the labor was completed by women!

Shasta Dam, 1951

Shasta Lake, 1951

Mt. Shasta

Sacramento River

Red Bluff, California

Red Bluff sits on the banks of the Sacramento River, roughly 100 miles north of the state capitol. Most of the following slides were labeled “Rally — Red Bluff.” I’m not sure what it was about, but it may have been a church group function. The majority of faces are unfamiliar to me, although I think I recognize (besides my parents) a couple of aunts and my mom’s brother, Howard.

My dad is front row, left, next to the bus driver



This slide is labeled “Redding and Shasta Dam, May 1951”

Mom and Dad on their first anniversary, 1950

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