The Adventure Continues… Alaska: Dog Sled

A third time the attempt was made, but this time, following the advice, Hal broke out the runners which had been frozen to the snow. The overloaded and unwieldy sled forged ahead, Buck and his mates struggling frantically under the rain of blows. A hundred yards ahead the path turned and sloped steeply into the main street. It would have required an experienced man to keep the top-heavy sled upright, and Hal was not such a man. As they swung on the turn the sled went over, spilling half its load through the loose lashings. The dogs never stopped. The lightened sled bounded on its side behind them. They were angry because of the ill treatment they had received and the unjust load. Buck was raging. He broke into a run, the team following his lead. Hal cried “Whoa! whoa!” but they gave no heed. He tripped and was pulled off his feet. The capsized sled ground over him, and the dogs dashed on up the street, adding to the gayety of Skaguay as they scattered the remainder of the outfit along its chief thoroughfare — Jack London, The Call of the Wild

In this week’s episode, Huell gets to meet an Alaskan dog team and learn just a little bit about what it takes to keep these canine athletes in top condition and ready for the trail. After listening to the guys running this modern-day outfit, it’s very clear to see why the inexperienced Hal and Charles, Jack London’s “two men from the States”, had no business trying to travel from Skagway to Dawson, expecting to master a team of sled dogs using a whip and a club.

(Click on the linked image below to see the video.)

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