Striped Shore Crabs of Sonoma

I have some great childhood memories of exploring tidepools along the Northern California coast, but it’s been ages since I had the chance to repeat the experience. Not long ago I happened to read an article about tidepooling at Gerstle Cove, so on our most recent coastal trip I was determined to climb around and spot a few sea anemones.

That is until, on my very first attempt, I lost my footing and fell on some slippery rocks — after which I promptly decided that tidepooling is for youngsters and the only rocks I wanted to climb over were the completely dry and non-slippery variety. This meant I could only gaze at the tidepools from afar. Happily, I still managed to discover a few  Striped Shore Crabs scuttling around among the rocks above the surf. I’m rather fond of these crusty little creatures, and being able to photograph them totally made up for not seeing the anemones. As a small bonus, I also managed to shoot a rather large rock louse.

A crabby standoff

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