Mexico Monday redux, Part 24

This week, a few slides that my Dad had arranged in sequence in the carousel showing some buildings and monuments. I’ve tried and failed to locate some of these structures, like the domed building above and the Catholic church below, but all these photos were shot around 1970 and 1971.

One of the more modern Catholic church buildings, location unknown — but notice the topes in the foreground

A view of the inside

In Mexico, there were roadside shrines…

… and then there were Roadside Shrines

“Divine Christ, Lord of the highway. Do not deposit alms; bring your heart to God”

The 16-floor Hotel Plaza Insurgentes, Mexico City; built in 1945, it was completely renovated in 2017

Below is a familiar Mexico City landmark, El Ángel de la Independencia, which stands in a large traffic circle, or glorieta, in the Paseo de Reforma in Mexico City. You can get a closer look here (scroll down to the fourth item).

By the way, I don’t have a slide image of it, but the fifth item on that list is another statue that’s very familiar to me, the statue of Minerva in Guadalajara — and, if you travel northeast from Minerva up the Avenida Adolfo Lopez Mateos, you’ll arrive at the Christopher Columbus statue. I’ve now realized this Glorieta Colόn is a mere 2.5 miles from the Dairy Queen (also still in business after all these years) that I showed you a few weeks ago, located in Colonia Providencia. I’m finally closing in on a few of my childhood memories!

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