Memory Monday revisited

This week, I’m taking another look not at slides but at some black and white prints that I first shared back in early September 2018, in Memory Monday Week 82. I’ve never had the chance to visit these particular locations, but if you click on that link and scroll down, you’ll see a color image of the above photo that I found on the internet. I believe these photos were shot in the late 1940s; and since I always enjoy comparing how places can change over time, I’ve included some Google Street View screen shots where possible.

Main Street near Highway 70 in Quincy

This section of Main Street consisted of a couple of garages, some coffee shops, and at least two bars. Across the street — to the right, out of the picture — sat the county courthouse. It may come as no surprise that many of the buildings have changed hands or become empty, even since the Street View photos were shot in 2015. Does the modern, streamlined version of smalltown Main Street look better to you? I sort of miss those big signs hanging out over the sidewalk!


One block east sat the Quincy Drug Store, the Townhall movie theater, Grover Brothers Pharmacy, and in the distance, a couple of gas stations. Below is the street view in 2015 — minus the snow.


These days, the view of the Plumas County Courthouse is almost completely obscured by a line of mature trees lining the sidewalk. The large building in the background is the Hotel Quincy. Built in 1925, it replaced two previous inns located on the site, in 1853 and 1866, and both known as the Plumas Hotel. Sadly, all three structures were destroyed by fire; the Hotel Quincy met its end in 1966.

Former site of the Hotel Quincy, now Dame Shirley Plaza

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