Memory Monday, Week 153

Back in early May of this year, I shared some slide images from 1985 featuring the area around Jackson, California — specifically Daffodil Hill and Indian Grinding Rock State Historic Park (Chaw’se). This week I’ve got a handful of previously overlooked slides from that same Gold Country trip. I can’t tell you exactly when they were shot, but the processing date was October 1985, and they feature the Kennedy Mine headframe in Jackson. You might recall that I visited the same area back in June of this year, and here are a couple of my photos, shot from the vista point alongside Highway 49, looking southeast toward Jackson Butte:

Kennedy Mine headframe today, looking east from Highway 49

Headframe in 1985

The foot of Jackson Butte visible to the left, Highway 49 on the right

This two-story house held the Kennedy Mine offices

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