Memory Monday, Week 149

A couple of weeks ago Memory Monday visited the Gold Discovery Park at Coloma; this week I have images, shot in 1985, from two other day trip destinations near Sacramento. Sadly, the first one is no longer accessible. Daffodil Hill, located near the small foothill town of Volcano, permanently closed in 2019 after being in operation for more than 80 years. The site’s history goes all the way back to the Gold Rush era when it served as a way-station for travelers. It has been family operated since the beginning, and it grew so popular over recent years that the crowds of visitors began to overwhelm the property and surrounding roadways. Back in 1985, however, it was still possible to roam the site without bumping into other people everywhere.

The sign reads: “Please don’t chase the animals; stay in paths; take nothing from the grounds.”

Less than 5 miles down the road from Daffodil Hill is the Indian Grinding Rock State Historic Park. I’ve previously shared photos of the Chaw’se roundhouse from my own trip there in early 2001, so some of these images may look familiar!

Closeup of some of the grinding holes

Next week, some beautiful scenery, circa 1985, from the Cascade Range in central Washington State. See you then!

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