Memory Monday: A different chapter

The album’s original owner, with Mt Diablo in the background

What do you do after you’ve run through pretty much all of your own family photos and there seems to be nothing left to share? Well, you might start sharing the lost or discarded photos of strangers! Part of my motivation for this project comes from discovering the Museum of Lost Memories on Instagram. I may never find any photos as precious or historical as those discovered by the owner of that site; but it’s definitely fun to turn up these forgotten images, wherever they might be found, and discovering the treasures within an old photo album.

Christmas 2009

I was pretty excited when I found these prints in a large photo album at Denio’s in Roseville on my very first outing. They date from 2009-2010, and although there aren’t very many people in the pictures, I was thrilled to see some familiar places, some really beautiful spring flowers, and shots from Gladding McBean and the 23rd Annual Feats of Clay in Lincoln, California. This week, I have just a sample of the photos in this particular collection, and I’ll be sharing more over the coming weeks. I hope you enjoy seeing them as much as I do.

Feats of Clay XXIII, 2010

North Fork American River near Confluence trailhead, 2010

Gold panning near Ophir, California

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