Throwback Thursday: Orangevale Bridge

January 2005

Back in January 2017 I wrote about the Orangevale Avenue Bridge; built in 1915 as part of the historic Lincoln Highway, it narrowly escaped being dismantled and replaced by something unmistakably modern. Despite lingering misgivings around the need to preserve the original structure, the necessary construction updates went ahead, and the bridge reopened to traffic in mid 2017. My post included several photos of the bridge that I shot in early 2005.

Ever since then I’ve been wanting to get back over there and see how the work turned out (yes, I’m a procrastinator; why do you ask?). You can find more photos and information about this very cool little bridge — which is now eligible for listing in the National Register of Historic Places — in a few different locations online, including and The latter web site includes a link to photos of the bridge immediately after the restoration work was completed.

New signage

South face

North face, March 2022

January 2005

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