Throwback Thursday: Anderson Marsh SHP

Cache Creek trail, May 2019

I’ve been back to visit the Anderson Marsh State Historic Park in Lower Lake a few times now since my first visit in 2019 — probably making up for all the times in earlier years I drove right past and never even knew it was there. In fact, although I know there are loads of other great places to explore in the area around Clear Lake, I seem to always get drawn back to the same spots. That’s partly because I know there will always be something different to see, depending on the season and the weather patterns. This year, the water levels were low, so the creek and the marsh were unfortunately low. On the other hand, much of the grassland was still reasonably green, and no matter where I hiked I heard and saw all kinds of birds and other wildlife around me. I’m certain that if Lake County wasn’t a 2½-hour drive from my house, I’d probably be hiking at Anderson Marsh on a regular basis!

Lots of water, May 2019

A dry springtime, March 2022

Cache Creek near Hwy 53, May 2019

The same area, March 2022

Along the base of the ridge, 2019


View from the barn, 2019

View from the barn, 2022

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