Throwback Thursday: Local wildlife, June 2017

It was a great thrill for me to come across this juvenile (Red-shouldered?) hawk back in mid June 2017 at Negro Bar State Park. I was using my shiny new Canon Powershot SX530 HS with 16 pixels, 50x optical zoom, and no viewfinder, only an LCD screen. Back then, I believed looking through an LCD was the best option for me; but these days, I much prefer the viewfinder and find it very difficult to properly frame a photo without one. I’ve lightly edited these images to sharpen them up a bit — not sure if they were slightly fuzzy because of the camera, or maybe my hands were shaking a little bit!

A few days earlier I had come across a different type of hunter perched in a tree — one who didn’t seem at all pleased to find itself spotted by a passing human.

“Move along, please.”

Sometimes wildlife is literally in your back yard

Eagle eyes

Among my all-time favorite captures, these shots of a juvenile eagle were shot on the last day of June, 2017. This is one of two eaglets hatched earlier that spring on the bluffs above Lake Natoma, and the pair were still learning the survival skills that will hopefully see them through a long and healthy life.

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