Wildflower walk

I’m still working my way through the many photos I shot when we visited the New York Creek area of Folsom Lake the other day. All of these images were shot, with varying degrees of success, with my Canon Rebel T1i and a 50mm lens. I’ve labeled all the flowers I’m fairly certain of; I’m still trying to identify the others. And just a reminder, you can click on any of the photos for a closer look.

Twining snake lily

Scarlet pimpernel

I believe this is Micropus californicus, also known as Cotton top, Q tips, or Slender cottonweed

Ithuriel’s spear

Hairy vetch

Prettyface — notice the two small insects

Purple sanicle

Blue-eyed grass and Purple sanicle

Buttercups and a bee

White fairy lantern

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