Memory Monday: Memorial Day edition

I picked up a stack of photo albums over the weekend and was very excited to start sharing them, but now I’m having second (and third) thoughts. These were rescued from a storage locker, so apparently abandoned?? And I still have a lot of unanswered questions about where and when many of the photos were shot.

But the more I looked through these albums, the more it came home to me that there may be family members out there who would be absolutely thrilled to have these back — and do I really have a right to go publishing these images here on my blog, bragging about what a great find they were for me? I’m still working out the answer to that question.

I still have plenty of Memory Monday images to share for the forseeable future; but I’m feeling a lot of stress over this particular collection. I’ve shared just a few of them today since the rightful owner of these albums is/was a veteran, and here in the U.S. we’re observing Memorial Day. Contrary to appearances, this day is not about sale prices or beach outings or even family barbecues. It’s about the sacrifice so many men and women have made — their youth, their health, and even their lives — in the hope that something good will be preserved and treasured.

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