Exploring the Point

The historic lighthouse at Point Cabrillo is only one of the cool buildings to be found at the Point Cabrillo Lightstation State Historic Park in Mendocino County. Sitting just off Highway 1 and adjacent to the parking lot is a restored farmhouse which is all that remains of the former town of Pine Grove.

Kearn Farmhouse sits alongside Highway 1

Museum entrance in the rear of First Assistant Lightkeeper’s House

The buildings at Point Cabrillo are the original structures dating from the early 1900s, when the lighthouse first went into operation. The three beautiful old houses lining the road to the lighthouse served as quarters for the Head Lightkeeper and his two assistants, along with their families. Two of these are available for overnight stays; you can get an idea of the gorgeous interiors thanks to videos and a series of photos on the lighthouse website.

The third building (the First Assistant Lightkeeper’s house) is now a museum. I managed to just miss the open hours, so I have yet another reason to return on some future trip.

Watsonia borbonica

Seaward corner of the Head Lightkeeper’s House has 90-pane windows

Second Assistant Lightkeeper’s House

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