Memory Monday: Fresno High School, 1968

I discarded my own high school yearbooks long, long ago, but when I found a vintage annual from 1968 at the Roseville flea market, I grabbed it. Fresno High’s Royce Hall (pictured above) dates from 1922, although the school itself has been in existence since 1889. Some of the school’s former students include Baseball Hall of Famer Tom Seaver, director/screenwriter Sam Peckinpah, and accordianist Dick Contino (The last time I mentioned him in a post was July 2008, not long after I first began blogging). I’m not sure if any of the students included in the 1968 yearbook went on to become famous, but anything is possible! Here are a few pages focusing on some school events, including two separate theater productions and the yearly talent contest.

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