Room to roam

View north from the bluff

Just after publishing my previous post about Bruhel Point, I saw a Facebook post from the Mendocino County Tourism Commission with the tag line “Room to Roam,”  and I thought it was really appropriate for my final group of photos from our outing there last May. As I mentioned before, we had the whole area to ourselves when we discovered this  spot, with only the butterflies, birds, and tide pool critters to keep us company. Such a beautiful and peaceful spot; I feel like I’ve barely scratched the surface exploring here, and there’s so many more incredible places along the coast in Mendocino County!


Scarlet pimpernel grows enthusiastically throughout the area

Common sage

Bird’s-foot trefoil

The Pacific Star Winery complex just visible beyond the rocks to the north

Below the bluff, we trod carefully on the rocks at low tide

Another inlet led to a seemingly inaccessible beach


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