One foggy morning

Arriving in the fog

This is the time of year when I tend to start thinking fondly of wintertime’s cold and dreary days. I promise myself that when the seasons change and the temperature begins to drop I’ll more fully appreciate the chance to get out and do something in the outdoors. I enjoy looking back at some of my photos from previous winter outings, although I’m not sure how much they actually help me feel cooler in the summer heat!

Walking along the American River Bike Trail at Rossmoor Bar

On this particular day early last December, the Big Guy had managed to coax me out into the fog to look for deer hiding in the brush along the bike trail. We didn’t have much luck at first, but after traipsing through the wet weeds for a couple of hours I had to admit it was a good trip. (Have a look back at my blog post to see the various deer and birds spotted on that outing.) How I’d love to go back now and re-live that morning as I sit in my house trying to avoid the 99°F (37C) heat outside!

I was curious about the old pipes visible among the trees and in the field

When we eventually headed for home, the fog was beginning to lift just a little, although the day remained gray. And there was one final sighting as we drove out of the park; if you click the image below to enlarge, you might spot the doe running away (near the center of the picture).

One last doe, captured with my phone camera

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