The Adventure Continues… Zzyzx

The Mojave Desert doesn’t seem like an especially welcoming place to be — especially in the summertime — but it would be a mistake to think there’s nothing to be found there but dirt or sand and cactus plants. As a rule, California’s desert regions are home to some very colorful history, and this remote spot is no exception. Since I’ve never traveled along this stretch of Interstate 15, the first time I saw the name “Zzyzx” was on the Huell Howser Archives episode guide. But it’s such a unique word that once I noticed it, I just had to find out more. Turns out, it’s quite literally “the last word!”

Huell takes the Zzyzx off-ramp from the I-15 freeway and sees what this iconic exit is all about: from its early history as a Mineral Springs & Health Spa to its current incarnation as the Desert Studies Center.

(Click on the linked image below to see the video.)

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