The Adventure Continues… Kelso Depot

After 2 weeks away from home (plus one week to recover!), I guess it’s time to jump back into my regularly scheduled blog posts. I’m starting out this Wednesday with an episode of California’s Golden Parks which originally aired May 10, 2006, featuring a place we passed by on our way home. The town of Kelso lies a bit north of Interstate 40 (and about an hours’ drive from Zzyzx, which Huell visited in a later episode of this series), so all I was able to see of it was the highway exit sign. But there is plenty of history here, and plenty of people who are more than happy to recall their lives in Kelso as they celebrate the former train station’s coming back to life!

Huell attends the grand reopening of the Kelso Depot and not only tours the beautifully renovated and restored 1928 building, but talks with locals about its rich history. It’s a true celebration as the Kelso Depot begins its new life as a museum and information center for the Mojave National Preserve.

(Click on the linked image below to see the video.)