Buried treasure, Part 2

I was probably 6 or 7 years old in this photo

Going through the items in my “Treasure Box,” I can’t stop thinking about how silly and trivial many of these tiny bits of plastic are. Several are of mysterious origin, even to me, and I now have no idea why I kept them.

Some long-ago craft project — probably best forgotten!

But in among the fairly disposible stuff, I’ll find an occasional genuine treasure, like the handmade Christmas token I presented to my mom one year:

Which she returned to me a few months later with a note added to the back side:

A slightly less embarassing craft project

Please do not ask me why, as a child, I chose to save paper coasters and sugar packets from a now-defunct restaurant.

I can’t tell you much about the next set of items except that I may have brought them home with me from Mexico — and they’re very small. I do believe that the motorcycle and train engine were part of a larger set. But since each one is a mere 13 mm in size, I think it’s a miracle any of them survived this long!

Huge in comparison, these figures are 1.5 cm tall

In my next post from the Treasure Box I’ll have a few souvenirs that most definitely came from Mexico!

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