Memory Monday: Vintage D.C. (Meet the class)

As I’m sure I’ve mentioned before, when I went to D.C. in January 1986 I foolishly neglected to take a camera along — a choice I still regret. Thankfully, I did keep a trip journal (in a notebook that was originally “Chocolate Scented”) describing my visits to various museums, riding the Metro, my day trip to Baltimore, and the odd experience of looking down from the top of the Washington Memorial and spying the actor Martin Sheen filming a movie near the White House.

The Class

In contrast, there are quite a few photographs to illustrate this class trip to the U.S. capital in the mid 1940s. I previously shared a handful of the photos from this album, but I’ve really only scratched the surface. It does seem a shame that I have no way of learning more about the background behind this album of black-and-white prints; fortunately, the owner did provide a few handwritten captions, which I’ve reproduced here, and Google is helpful for adding details as well.

Fountain at the Unknown Soldier tomb

Guard at the Unknown Soldier

Sculpture work

The sculpture shown above is one of two pieces called “Man Controlling Trade,” situated outside the Federal Trade Commission Building and dedicated in 1942.

Archway at Mount Vernon

Boat we took

Miss Anderson (Class Advisor)

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