Train, trolley, and bus, Part 2

Tower Bridge and Delta King, Sacramento River

Today I’m concluding the collection I started on Tuesday showing photos shot as I traveled to and from San Francisco on Amtrak and around the city on public transportation. They include images from my outing to the Lyon Street Steps. The first part of my trip was by cable car; I normally avoid riding the cable cars because they’re usually packed with people, and it seems such a touristy thing to do. But on this day I squeezed myself in and actually enjoyed the ride — especially once the crowd thinned and I was able to grab a seat. I wish I had shot more pictures, but at least I did get a couple.

A very patient man

The driver hanging out his window (above) showed some surprisingly good humor and patience when the cable car, climbing the hill on Union Street, suddenly ground to a stop and trapped him in place. It seems the cables were too slippery to pull us up the incline, and we all had to sit and wait a few minutes until a truck arrived to give us a push and get us going again.

Waiting for the 45, Mason and Union Streets

I only caught a quick look at this intriguing building as my bus passed through the intersection of Union and Gough, but later I learned it was the McElroy Octagon House, a decorative arts museum built in 1861. I’m not sure I’ll ever make it back there to explore further, but this is just the sort of wonderful sighting that would be so easy to miss while driving a car.

After another fun week in the city, it was time for me to leave San Francisco and head home. The Sales Force Transit Center is only a short walk from the Amtrak bus stop, located adjacent to the Public Open Space on Mission Street. It’s a quiet spot in the middle of the busy Financial District, a place to catch your breath before boarding the bus and heading back to the train station across the Bay Bridge in Emeryville.

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