The Adventure Continues… Scotty’s Castle

In this California’s Gold Classic episode from early 1995 Huell takes a trip out to the Death Valley Ranch — better known as Scotty’s Castle. Even though I visited Death Valley with my family as a young child, I don’t have any memories of seeing this amazing mansion. I do have a memory, from a few years later, of spending time at the home of a schoolfriend painstakingly copying a picture of Scotty’s Castle from a souvenir placemat. I felt very proud of my finished product — but unfortunately my artwork was lost long ago. I was also dismayed to learn that Scotty’s Castle has been closed to the public since 2015 following a severe flood and later a fire that destroyed the historic garage/visitor center. Repairs and mitigation are still being carried out; the National Park Service has provided information and videos about the damage and the process of restoration here.

Huell travels to Death Valley to learn about Walter Scott… one of the great characters of California history. Huell tours the amazing castle that now bears Scotty’s name and walks through the dry desert that Scotty loved so much. Get an intimate portrait of this California original from those who knew and loved him.

(Click on the linked image below to see the video.)

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