Memory Monday: Korea, nachunge bwayo!

I hope everyone is having a great holiday — and this isn’t really goodbye to Korea; according to my research, nachunge bwayo is a casual “See you later!” I still have plenty of images from this pile of photo albums to share, and some of the more scenic ones were most likely shot in Korea. But next week I’ll be shifting gears (if you’ll pardon the pun) and share some of the many car and truck pictures found in the albums. Consider this a heads-up for any gearheads out there — and maybe the Big Guy will finally remember to check my blog once in awhile! (Just kidding: he won’t.)

It’s Korea, but it reminds me of my hike up Mt Konocti in 2019

DIY greenhouse and a Hanok roof

Feeding macaque monkeys

Winter wonderland

Visiting one of the traditional village parks

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